Is a QuickBooks alternative really necessary?


The accounting software community and market recognizes the existence small businesses as well as QuickBook alternatives. Small businesses are largely owned by fresh business persons, who are new in the business field. Managing accounting in small business is so hard, taking in the fact that some owners lack the best skills.

Several adjustments and advancements are constantly being made in the accounting field to quench different accounting thirsts.

Well, you have a small business. Do you have the best accounting software for it? You have done the best window shopping. You have also incorporated, the best factors to consider when shopping for an accounting software. All right, what are the best accounting software for small businesses?


This is a cloud based accounting solution. It also qualifies as a web based accounting software. FreshBooks has the best invoicing features of all accounting software, unfolding the fact that it was designed in 2003, by a Private web designer, to develop more invoicing options. Today FreshBooks is labelled one of the giants in the accounting software market and is a good alternative to QuickBooks. It is considered the cheapest of all. It suits small businesses.

QuickBooks online.

This is also a big fish in the accounting software market, especially for small business. QuickBooks online and FreshBooks are the well-known to be the best competitors. Like FreshBooks, it offers a free trial period and it is web based. It has its cheapest pricing at $12.95 per month. At QuickBooks users are able to custom their invoices, perform tax calculations and deductions for payrolls and many more.


It is also an online accounting system. It is so great for small businesses. The add-ons and integration on Xero are so benefiting to small businesses, which can enable great expansion. It can handle invoices, financial reports, inventory tracking and many more, making it suitable for small businesses.

Sage one.

Sage one has its cheapest pricing at $24 per month. It also offers a free trial, but only for 15 days of membership. It can handle invoicing and a ton of other cool stuff that will help the financial situation of your business. Sage one is online based with ability to send invoices and even reports.


This is unique from other online accounting software for small business like My Types Of Cats. It is a mobile app that helps in calculation of quarterly taxes for your small business.

Small business workbench.

Its name just explains why it is suitable for your small business. It is a web based or online accounting software. It pays a lot of interest in taking care of your business accounting needs. It has it main goal to enable the best cash position in your business. You can get it as an app for mobile or computers.

Less accounting.

The best less accounting for your small business is the online version. It has numerous features that makes it suitable for your small business. Its invoicing feature has been enabled to work online. It has one of the best data encryptions, which will ensure security for you business data.

There are several accounting software that are suitable for your small business. Sage Peachtree, Nolapro, NetSuite, GoDaddy Bookkeeping, Snap payroll, simple invoices and harvest. All this are good for your business. All of these packages have numerous similar features and perform same tasks, your task is to find one that suits you best.